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by Keith Tooley on April 1st, 2011

You can expect change if you are a Christian who is following hard after God. When you go “all in” He changes you. He changes your circumstances. He changes your perspective. Then life gets really exciting!

A life of constant change is hard for some of us, but exciting for others. Some of us like to get in a comfort zone and stay there. Others thrive on constant action and drama and like their boat to be rocked on a daily basis. It seems to make life exciting for them. Where are you on the extreme ends of this spectrum?

We are all being transformed. 2 Corinthians 3:18 assures us that we are being transformed into His likeness. And Romans 12:2 encourages us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. But we cannot be transformed without some changes taking place in our lives.

On both the Thailand and Progreso Mission trips, I witnessed changes in members of both teams as we stepped out of our comfort zones to serve Jesus and others. He made all of us aware of new things on these trips. He gave us a different perspective. He used some of us in ways we have never been used before. And in the end, transformation took place. Not only in the lives of those who went on these mission trips, but also in the lives of those who live in Thailand and Progreso who were touched by our team as we engaged with them, gave them water and food, bibles, clothes, prayed for them, shared the gospel with them, encouraged them, and more.

As we are being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29), there will be change. Is that something you look forward to, or something that unsettles you?

I would suggest that Jesus wants all believers to live on the edge - that He wants us to step out of our comfort zones and engage the culture. He is calling us to be on mission every day in our spheres of influence – at school, at work, in our neighborhoods, at our children’s activities, as we join others in sports and hobbies. There are plenty of places for us to be on mission.

There is nothing that has changed me more than being on mission. The biggest spiritual growth in my life has occurred over the past decade as I have been more focused and intentional about sharing my faith with unbelievers. It has not only brought about changes in my lifestyle, but I believe it has also sped up my transformation. Every time I engage with unbelievers in spiritual conversations, it forces me to lean into God more, to pray more, to read my bible more, to trust Him more. Can we say “growth spurt?”
And I have been very encouraged by the people I have met in our congregation who are already engaged in a missional, evangelistic lifestyle. I have heard several exciting stories of transformation!

Are you up for some big-time, fast-track growth? Are you okay with making some changes in your life to make that happen? I hope so. God wants all of His children engaged in sharing Jesus with others. He also knows that we will be the beneficiaries as it will expedite our transformation.

I am looking forward to our exciting journey together as we go on mission in Austin, throughout the world, and as we watch God change each of us.

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