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A Longing for God's Word
by Mark Perkins on April 29th, 2011

I made a trip to the local Christian bookstore the other day. I have to admit that I had been putting off this particular event. Don’t get me wrong, I typically enjoy my time roaming the aisles of the latest releases from so many respected and God-honoring authors. But in this case, I was in search of a new Bible. Not just any new Bible, but a LARGE PRINT Bible. Yes, I admit it for all to know that my almost 50 year old eyes have gotten the best of me and I have succumbed to the inevitable. Maybe some of you can relate to my need for multiple sets of reading glasses (which I frequently misplace) or having to hold my Bible 3 inches from my face just in order to read the footnotes. Oh the joys of growing older!

In all seriousness, while I walked the bookstore aisles that were full of various versions, colors and sizes of Bibles, I was reminded of how blessed we truly are to have abundant access to God’s written word. These are the words of life, God-breathed and written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit. Yet in light of my ease of access, I began to evaluate my own desire to be a faithful student of the written word I so freely possess? In the busyness of life and the fast pace by which I many times live, it is easy to be tempted to set aside regular times of Bible study and prayer. I wonder if any of you share this same challenge.

It is in these times that I renew my mind with truth that comes from the very word I long to read. I am reminded of an Old Testament scripture verse in Psalms 119:105 that says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” God’s word provides illumination to walk the paths of life. The Psalmist goes on to say in verse 130 that “The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” I personally am committed to walk the “path” of life being guided by the word of God and the Holy Spirit that lives within me as a believer in Jesus Christ. As you walk the path of your life, I would like to encourage you to allow God’s word to be a “lamp to your feet”.

Hope you have a wonderful day in the Lord.

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