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On Mission!

On Mission – everyone, everyday, everywhere!

If I was going to sum up where we want to go in personal evangelism as a congregation - this would be it.

What if we got up each day and we had a missional focus, just like any missionary out in the field. That focus might include the following:

We catch a vision, and we feel a calling, to reach a people group in our “sphere of influence” - the places we frequent as we do life. Within our sphere of influence could be the nearby HEB, our place of work, our neighborhood, the schools our children attend, the local park, or other places. (Anyone who goes grocery shopping can tell you that every HEB or Walmart is a mini-subculture. They all reach a different clientele, or in some cases, a completely different people group or culture.)

We move into that people group and immerse ourselves in the culture. We get answers to questions such as: Who are these people? What are their families like? What are their fears, thoughts, hopes, hobbies, habits, etc.? Where else do they do life, and how is it going for them?

We learn new ways to connect to, and communicate with, the culture. What do we have in common with them? Do they have needs we can meet? What are their life circumstances?

As we learn more and more about the culture, and make some changes in our lives, we are meeting these people where they are, and we are becoming more and more relevant to them. This opens the door for more open dialogue and trust.

We are praying daily for insight and for new ways to reach the culture. We are praying for opportunities to share Jesus Christ – in many creative ways – with those that He places in our path, or those we go out of our way to reach.

We are on mission!

Where are you on mission? What is your sphere of influence? We will be talking a lot about that in the months to come. I want to hear how God is using you to reach the world with His light, love, and good news. Please share your seed-planting attempts and spiritual conversations with me at:

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