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Life Apps message series
by Monty Watson, senior pastor on August 8th, 2011

Good morning church,

I’ve got to admit I was spoiled this past week. Being on vacation and having my entire family with us in Austin and playing with my granddaughter Brooke was pretty special. But this morning, it’s back to work and seeing how we can help families thrive and experience God’s best.

On August 21, we’re launching a four-week sermon series called Life Apps. You’ve heard the commercials. “There’s an app for that.” And there are thousands of apps that promise to make life easier, more productive, and more fun. But most of us need more than another game on our smartphone. What we really need is real help for real life. And that’s what our Fall kick-off series is about, about learning how to apply the Bible to the real life issues we face every day.

For students, it’s about life@school. It’s about dealing with peer pressure, with the pressure to make good grades, with fitting in with friends, and figuring out who you really are. For families, it’s about life@home. It’s about making home a safe place – a place of acceptance, forgiveness, grace, affirmation, and unconditional love. For adults, it’s about life@work. It’s about fulfillment of a career, making a living, balancing work and home, and about managing stress. And for all of us, it’s about life@play. Yes, play is biblical. God commanded us to take Sabbath moments to refresh our souls. But too often we seek that refreshment in unhealthy ways; with escapism, entertainment, and even addictive behaviors.

Again, the purpose of this series is to help us learn how to apply biblical principles to the real life issues we face every day. So, mark the date – August 21. And think about inviting someone you know who could benefit from one of these messages.


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Church Administrator - September 6th, 2011 at 7:44 PM
Pastor Watson, it's a blessing that you take the time to write regularly. So many pastors do not, and I think it's a shame because the internet is what is used for so many people to gain new information. I will be continuing to read your writing to see how I can apply some o fthese life apps to my own life. This is encouraging for me to read. God bless and keep you as you continue to encourage the Body of Christ. cj for fncc
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