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To be on "mission" we must be led by the Spirit

During the six weeks of our church-wide personal evangelism campaign, I was studying the book of Acts in my quiet time. I also felt compelled to go to Acts to prepare for my mission trip to China.

When I was on another mission trip to China – in 2006 - I went to the book of Acts to guide me each day while on the trip. So Acts is my go-to book when it comes to missions because this book is all about being “on mission” and being directed by the Holy Spirit as to where we will go, who we will meet and what we will do.

In Acts 16:6-10, we see that Paul and his companions – as they sought the Holy Spirit’s direction - were kept from going to some places, yet they were “called” to go to other places. The Holy Spirit was leading them, telling them where to go each day.

On our recent trip to China (Nov. 3-12), Brian Smith, Matt Watson and I were dependent on the Holy Spirit for direction. This was a very fluid trip, meaning each day was not scheduled. The days were left wide open for the Spirit’s prompting. And He delivered.

The Holy Spirit led us to the towns and villages where we met with the people He wanted us to meet, and meet with, every day while we were in China. All we had to do was pray, seek God’s direction, and see where He was going to take us. And He scheduled everything just perfectly. That is what He does.

Would you be uncomfortable on such a trip as this – not knowing where you are going or with whom you are going to meet with? I must admit, there were times I was saying to myself – “what are we doing?” Then God would surprise me with our next divine appointment.

Being “on mission” is a Holy Spirit-directed adventure. As we pray each day, and expect God to show up, we may be surprised with where He takes us, with whom we meet, and what He asks us to do.

Are you experiencing this great adventure of being “on mission?” I hope so. If you are not, you “will not have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.” (refer to Philemon 6)

I encourage you to get out there and experience the fullness of Christ!

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