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Family Activity Ideas for Christmas
by Kelly Gottschalk, preschool minister on December 9th, 2011

Since we are so close to Christmas, I thought it would be beneficial to provide several ideas that you and your family can do during the holiday season. I’ve collected these over the years. There are multiple activities to fill your calendar with right now, but I would challenge you to select activities that demonstrate the true meaning of Christmas and to let other obligations and distractions go. Hopefully this list will help you and your family to have a meaningful Christmas.

I would love if you’d reply to the blog and share your own ideas also.

• Buy a Christian devotional and go through Advent with your family.
• Read the Christmas story throughout the month of December to your children.
• Have your family memorize and recite passages from Luke 2.
• Prepare goodies for unsaved friends and neighbors.
• Go Christmas caroling in your neighborhood or at a nursing home.
• Watch a classic Christmas movie together.
• Visit a living nativity scene.
• Act out the Christmas story with your family and possibly share it with neighbors.
• Choose a charitable activity you can do as a family.
• Take someone, possibly an elderly neighbor or children from a single-parent home, Christmas shopping.
• Have your family select a Christ-centered phrase to be repeated over the holidays, like Jesus, the Heart of Christmas, as a reminder to why we celebrate Christmas.
• Keep a Christmas journal expressing your thoughts throughout the season, paying close attention to items you are grateful for.
• Purchase “spiritual gifts/books” for your children’s teachers and/or coaches.
• Set a place for Jesus at your dining table for Christmas dinner and place a golden crown as a symbol of our King.
• Attend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day church service.
• Pray for the families that send you Christmas cards and then send them a letter or card sharing that you prayed for their family.
• Visit for other ideas on how to give to the needy during Christmas.

My prayer would be that these types of activities will help you and your family to truly focus on the real meaning for this season. Have a merry and meaningful Christmas.

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