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A Refuge For the Needy
by Keith Tooley, On Mission Pastor on September 3rd, 2012

“You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm, and a shade from the heat. – Isaiah 25:4

Did you know that The Church at Canyon Creek is a place where “the needy in distress” come for refuge and help?

I love the fact that our church has a Benevolence Ministry and Fund for those outside our church who come here seeking help in their time of need. And we try to give every person who either calls or walks into our church - something. I think it is wonderful that many people see our church as a place to go to get help.

Typically, we will meet with the person or family in need, hear about their problem or need, encourage and pray with them, give them a Bible (if they don’t have one), and we usually give them an HEB gift card, which they can use to get food and gas. These are the two items most needed. We also connect them to resources outside of our church.

This past year we have assisted almost 100 family units. Financial help is the biggest need, but that is not the only reason why people come to our church.

I recall the Concordia student who had come to the end of her rope. She was desperate. She was driving by our church, saw our sign and pulled into our parking lot. I spent the next two hours listening to her, giving her Kleenexes as she wept, planting gospel seeds, and she left uplifted and encouraged.

People walk in needing rides, housing, rent, help with utility bills, help handling a situation, and prayer. Some of the people we see need counseling, which we provide free to them because we have professional counselors who attend our church who volunteer their time to do counseling assessments. 

Recently a teen called to see if we could come to her home and remove a rattlesnake that had settled into their bathroom. (We have even had stranger requests than this one.)

On call – Monday through Friday – are your seven pastors: Monty, Damon, Donnie, Dusty, Keith, Patty and Kelly. We meet with those who either call or walk into our church needing help. Over the course of the year, we will disburse over $4,000 to help them in their time of distress, and invest numerous hours listening and ministering to their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

I know it is an honor and a privilege for all of our pastors to get to be involved in helping these families. They arrive distressed. They often leave here uplifted and hopeful. We thank God that He is bringing them to our church.

Our church comes to the aid of the needy in our community in many ways. This is just one of them that I thought you might want to know about because it is your generous giving that makes it possible for our church to minister to these families. Feel blessed in knowing that our acts of love and care for those in need are making a difference for the Kingdom!

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