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Where Can One's Spiritual Journey Begin?
by Kelly Gottschalk on September 28th, 2012

As much as I hate to admit it, I know there are still people out there (and even within our church) that think when preschoolers go to their Sunday School class, it is just a time of babysitting.  As the preschool pastor, I can guarantee you there are so many incredible and life-changing moments happening in our preschool ministry.  I would love for you to come visit our ministry and see how the teaching and care that happens in our classrooms is the ultimate example of who Jesus is and His teachings.  We know that we can’t teach the little ones everything that they need to know in the three hours we have them on Sundays, but we begin that foundation that parents can use as they continue to disciple their children.  It really is life-changing, so I thought I’d share some “cool stories” with you, so you can begin to see what foundations are being built.     
One night recently, Alexis Drebbs (3 years old), had a bad dream, so her mom asked her if she wanted to pray about it. Alexis said yes, so they asked Jesus to protect her and give her a good night's sleep.
  • Evie Zimmerman (2 years old) won’t let her parents put her to bed without hearing a Bible story first and has begun to pray on her own.  She is talking with her parents about God making things like trees and coffee.  She is also repeating Bible stories that have been read or told to her and asking her parents to pray for her when she gets hurt.  
  • Ellie Brewer (2 years old) is retelling her Bible story that she hears on Sunday mornings to her Bible study teachers.  
  • One of our unchurched children that attends Canyon Creek Preschool (5 years old) shared that the favorite thing that she learned this year was that God loves her.  
  • Abigail Earl (3 years old) was at the table during dinner time and when her dad and mom bowed their heads to pray, Abigail put her little hands together and bowed her head, too. 
  • Mercie Swartz (4 years old) While her family was doing Resurrection Eggs before Easter last year, they were discussing how the guards were gambling for Jesus’ clothes. Her mom asked her children questions instead of reading the verse and giving the answer. So she asked “What did the guards do with Jesus’ clothes?” The older 3 children said nothing. Mercie raised her hand and said, “They played a game with dice to see who would get his robe and sandals.”  
  • Alexis Drebes (3 years old) Every night we read a story and as soon as I close the book Alexis puts her hands together and tells God all the things she is thankful for. "Daddy and mommy and ...."
  • Patty Evans, teaches chapel at Canyon Creek Preschool and shared that she had a little boy from CCP come up to her after chapel and ask her why God would love him?  This gave her a great opportunity to tell him because God made him. God seemed like a completely foreign concept to him. 
  • A mom from Canyon Creek Preschool said that she was in the grocery store with her daughter and a lady told her she was beautiful and asked where she got her beauty from.  The little girl replied, “From God!”  
  • In one of our 1st grade Sunday school class, they were doing prayer requests.  One of the kids thought to bring up a prayer need of one of the kids that wasn’t there that day. We are so impressed that she was thinking past her own needs and wants and focused on the needs of others.  
I hope these examples not only brought a smile to your face, but that they solidified how important it is to build spiritual foundations in our little ones so that as they grow up, they will have the heart and head knowledge to accept Christ as their Savior.  Not to mention, that then as an adults, these simple truths are engrained in their hearts and minds which allows them to lean on these truths for the rest of their lives.  People’s spiritual journeys have to begin somewhere….why not in preschool ministry, its way more than babysitting!

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