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20 Prayers For Our Church
by Steven Testone, elder on October 20th, 2012

1. That we would not just share joy in what we witness, but we would find joy in sharing our witness.
2. That we would not just seek to be taught the scriptures, but we would also seek to taste the scriptures. 
3. That we would spend less time worrying about looking clean to each other and more time trying to get dirty by washing each others feet.
4. That we will not create a kingdom of activities for people, but we would activate people for God's kingdom. 
5. That we would not try to promote ourselves to sell Christianity to the lost, but we would lose ourselves to promote Christ through our Christianity. 
6. That our focus would not be on the songs we sing but the God we sing songs to. 
7. That we will not just pray when we see we need more, but that we would see our need is to pray more.
8. That we would not just be blessed by receiving what we are given, but we would know it’s more blessed to give than to receive.
9. That we would be less focused on us doing a work for God, and more focused on allowing God to do a work in us.
10. That we would not hope to know the future, but we would know the hope our future brings.
11. We would do more than take in the word of God, but we would also take God at his word.
12. That we don’t hope people would love to know us, but that through us they would know love and hope.
13. That a love for shaking hands would continue into us holding hands in love.
14. That our goal would not be to go to church, but our goal would be to be the Church.
15. That we will not try to have a picture perfect family, but that our family would paint a perfect picture of Christ.
16. That we would not worry about the world magnifying our weaknesses, but we would know that Christ is magnified to the world through our weaknesses.
17. That the gospel of Christ would not just be the start of our faith, but that it would be the very heart of our faith.
18. That our church would be more than just filled with people, but that our church would be people filled with the Holy Spirit.
19. That our hearts for the people around our table would increase to include people around the world.
20. That I would know that I can’t start this, but pray that God would start this in me!

What are you praying for during our 30 days of prayer and fasting?

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