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The Journey to Godly Sorrow

Dear church family,
I want you to know that I count it a privilege to serve you. You are a priceless treasure in my life! Your faithfulness in humbly serving God and being an authentic witness in your sphere of the world is inspiring to me.

I have been told that I am a gracious man and quick to give people the benefit of the doubt. I do believe this response to people is from the heart of God. However, people’s strengths can be vulnerable to weaknesses. At the same time God is immeasurably patient with me and offers His amazing grace, I am glad God is holy and is equally serious about my sin. God stings my heart when I drift from Him. It hurts but I am eternally grateful because my sin is diametrically opposed to God’s purposes for my life!

I know you sin just as I do. You will continue to as long as you are on this side of heaven. But that doesn’t mean that we should resolve ourselves to sin, believing, “Well, that’s just how I am”. I plead with you to read this prayer that I shared last night at our Concert of Prayer. I believe God could use it to bring you closer to who He wants you to be.

By God’s grace,
Elder and Discipleship pastor

The Journey to Godly Sorrow

Dear God, may we be a people of Godly sorrow, not worldly sorrow!! Not be a people of worldly sorrow which is:
· Quick and trite
· Groans, “I feel bad because I got caught” or “I am going to be inconvenienced for awhile”
· Void of empathy for You and others
· Clueless of the wake of destruction left in its path
· Filled with rationalizing, minimizing, justifying, defensiveness, and pride
· Never leading to true and lasting change

People of Godly sorrow:
· Who encompasses the character to ask, “God, what do you think and feel about my sin?”
· Who take full responsibility crying, “I did it! No excuses! I was wrong!!”
· Who regretfully say, “It breaks my heart that I grieved your heart”
· Who with conviction declare, “It rips me apart that I was not in the center of Your will”
· Who are saddened that they were participating in shrinking the KOG not expanding it feeling the sentiment, “Oh God, what opportunities have I missed?
· Who are filled with disgust realizing they are hurting the very people they were called to love
· Who have confidently come to believe, CHANGE nothing short of change is the litmus test of repentance!

I know Your Word declares, “If” my people will turn from their wicked ways, THEN you will hear and heal our land, our very lives. It’s only a 2 letter word, “if” but it carries such significance…
We pray for revival. We plead for Your Spirit to fall upon us but we soon forget that sin is the greatest:
· Spirit deflector
· Revival distinguisher
· Intimacy killer
· Joy destroyer

Dear God, we pause right now asking you to shine your holiest light upon our hearts. Reveal what You want us to see about ourselves. We commit right now to express Godly sorrow to You, realizing that time will show if we truly meant it or not!

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