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In God We Trust...or do we?
by Bruce Walker, Elder on November 6th, 2012

A motto is a briefly stated sentiment of appropriate character inscribed on an object. The motto of our nation, “In God We Trust,” is still, thankfully, seen on most of our coinage and currency. But is it still relevant to our population, event to we Christians? In other words, are these words ones that describe our character
  • This week we will finish the voting process that will elect a man to lead our country for the next four years. Is the number of voters seeking guidance from God when voting increasing or decreasing from year to year?
  • Thousands of couples will marry this year in this county alone – many for reasons that are not the best. Will God’s principles and instruction regarding marriage be the basis for these unions forming?
  • Christians will decide with each paycheck what portion they will earmark as an offering to the Lord, reflecting a certain level of reliance and dependency upon His promises. Will we trust Him with our resources and future?
  • What values and criteria will guide us in the choices for our entertainment? Will people look for discernment from the Lord when faced with an innumerable array of options?
Whether we are talking about national issues, decisions that have lifelong impact, or day-to-day choices, are we trusting God or choosing convenience and personal preference?  Have you drifted at times, as I have, from wholeheartedly trusting and obeying God’s will for your life? Has the culture in which we live crept in the back door? I must admit that complacency and drift can be my worst enemies when it comes to fully trusting God. I doubt that you’ll ever read about me committing an egregious wrong that captures newspaper headlines. Yet, my complacency has the potential to hinder the advancement of God’s Kingdom in equally damaging ways. For you see, I have been entrusted with incredible riches (Col. 1:27-28)—the spiritual kind—that has power to heal, facilitate growth, and free people from lives of emptiness, superficiality, and ultimately death. Complacency can transform my trust and reliance upon God in this journey to presumption and a lukewarm existence.

As new believers 34 years ago, Joyce and I took a course in our church tht introduced us to the discipline of Bible memorization. We committed 72 Bible verses to memory over 16 weeks—just 3 per week, but it was amazing to see how the verses came alive each week. We EXPERIENCED them in our lives! One that challenged me from the beginning was Proverbs 3:5-6:

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. (KJV)

So, let me encourage you to return to the basics if you have lost traction in your faith journey with the Lord. Return to reading the Scripture in some manner daily—just as you would seek protein. The principles for living life are in there. Say “no” to something, if necessary, in order to say “yes” to a time of quiet prayer and conversation with the Lord each day. Ask the Lord what He thinks about the issues you face. See if the Shepherd won’t speak to His sheep. Finally, assemble together in His name for worship, praise, and to encourage one another.

Whether it involves my vote for president, my choice of marriage partner, the portion of my earnings I give back to the Lord, or the movie I choose to watch this weekend, I trust God when I line up with His will. Trusting God means believing He is who He says He is, knowing His principles, walking in His ways, and relying with my whole heart that He knows what is best for me. Trust is all about relationship. In my life, I have found that I don’t follow people I don’t trust. I don’t trust people I don’t know. And, I don’t know people I don’t spend time with, listen to, and observe. That may depict my trust relationship with Jesus also. Join me in returning to the basics of a disciple’s life. Fall in love all over again with the One who loves you the most and make time for Him.

I pray that as we humble ourselves and seek His face, aligning ourselves with His Word and His ways, we will experience in a fresh way the motto of our nation, “In God We Trust.” Let’s do it as individuals, as a church body, and keep sowing seeds in the fields around us.

In Christ’s love,
Bruce Walker

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Name - November 7th, 2012 at 11:13 AM
Bruce... well said... love your blog...Rhoda P.
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