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A Man's Influence with Those Who Don't Believe
Posted on May 24th, 2013

“It all begins with a passionate love for God and feeling blessed to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.” That was opening remark by Chris Meroff at our recent men’s rally. Here are some other things Chris shared.
•          Some of us are naturally relational and love to talk to people like Chris, but many of us are not. But all of us are responsible to look for opportunities to tell people how much Jesus means to us.
•          Another key in influencing people with the gospel is to see people as God sees people. Chris admitted that people can annoy him. We all know what he means. When people don’t do what we want or act like we want them to act or especially don’t treat us the way we think we deserve to be treated, they annoy us. But … a mature Christian learns how to see people as God sees people.
•          So, we should not focus on a person’s looks or language or lifestyle. People are in bondage. We should not expect them act any other way. So, look beyond the exterior and lovingly take the time to introduce them to Jesus, the only one who can free them from bondage.
•          We’re all busy. That’s the universal problem. So Chris challenged us to be intentional. If we want to influence our non-believing friends, we have to create time to be with them, to do life with them, to get to know them, and to care about them. It takes time! Chris and some of the guys from his small group intentionally invite their friends to a sports bar to watch Monday Night Football. That’s time away from family, but it’s intentional time investing in guys who do not know Christ.
•          Chris gave us a great reminder when it comes to evangelism. “It’s not up to me.” We can’t save anyone. We can’t convince anyone. Only God can do that. But we are called by God to partner with Him. As Chris said, “Our part is to be available and faithful.”
Donnie Dixon, discipleship pastor, was facilitating the panel at our men’s rally. And Donnie made a great statement to end this section. “How many people (non-Christians) would call me a good friend?” His point was that influence starts with engagement. As Christian men, we must engage those around us who are not believers, develop relationships, and look for an opportunity to tell them how much Jesus means to us. That’s what spiritual leaders do.
Thanks Chris for having a heart for people far from God and thanks for your wisdom.
The picture with this blog is the Summer Challenge for men. Print this out and commit to taking one of the steps under each section as a way to step up your spiritual leadership.

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