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6-week workshops coming Fall 2018

5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Children

From gender confusion to media over-consumption and everything in between, children today are facing many challenges as they grow up in a post-Christian culture. Based on her best-selling 5 Conversations books for parents, Vicki Courtney will highlight five critical conversations parents should have with their children to better equip them to look to God for identity, direction, and purpose rather than the world around them. Vicki will be focusing particularly on the challenges of raising iGen children (born 1995-2012, ages 6 and up), but all are welcome to attend.

Taught by Vicki Courtney, national speaker, best-selling author of Bible studies and books, 5 Conversations books for parents, Rest Assured, Can You Relate, Ever After.  She is a two-time ECPA Christian Book Award winner.

Marriage Matters

Marriage matters tremendously.  It influences personal happiness, your children, your Christian witness and more. The good news is God who created marriage provided the blueprint for marriage. In the Marriage Matters workshop, you will be equipped to better understand and meet one another's needs, communicate and resolve conflict, and connect spiritually, emotionally and physically. Dozens of couples have shared that these teachings, coupled with God's power, saved their marriage.

Taught by Kerry Williamson, licensed professional marriage and family counselor, founder and director of Abundant Life Counseling Services.

Conversations with God

Conversations with God is prayer. God promises change when we pray effectively and powerfully. Come hear practical teaching on prayer and numerous stories of God's answers to prayer from one who has seen firsthand God's work around the globe - in Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, Romania, Latvia, Burundi, Hungary, Jordan, Egypt and Kenya. You will learn to pray for the people and places that concern you, allowing prayer to connect faith and action. Time will be dedicated for both teaching and practice.

Taught by Vicky Porterfield, co-founder of Prayer Fields Ministry.  Vicky served as National Director of Intercessors International, and 18 years as Team Lead of Intercession for the college-age Passion Conferences with Louie Giglio.

In Defense of the Faith

Do you avoid faith conversations feeling ill prepared to answer a skeptic's challenging questions? God exhorts, "always be ready to defend and give an account for the hope that is in you," 1 Peter 3:15. Be assured the Christian faith is grounded in solid reasoning and credible evidence that demands unwavering belief. Your confidence and ability to defend Christian beliefs will be strengthened and sharpened during this workshop. Topics include existence of God, relativism, evolution, reliability of the Bible, and credibility of Jesus' resurrection and claim to be the Messiah.

Taught by Brandon Clay, MA in Theological Studies, Southern Baptist Seminary, 2014.

30 Days to Understanding the Bible

Do you lack confidence in your knowledge of the Bible? Being the very words of God, the Bible's significance is matchless!  Sir Frances Bacon said, "knowledge is power." As your knowledge of the Bible grows, your confidence grows. In this workshop, based on the book, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders, you will learn the Bible's major characters, events, themes, doctrines, its structure and geography, the history of the Old and New Testaments, all seen through the Bible's chronological framework.

Taught by Eddy Trevino, Bible study teacher for 20 plus years.  Eddy is especially qualified to teach this class as he became a Christian as an adult. He can relate to experiencing confusion and possessing minimal knowledge of the Bible.

Helping to Heal

We all know people experiencing difficult trials; loss of loved ones, jobs, health, victims of abuse, divorce, addiction, load of care-giving, loneliness, depression, anxiety, marriage and parenting challenged. As you witness and interact with people suffering, do you feel inadequate, unprepared, unsure or consumed with their well-being?  Through knowledge and skill development, you will become equipped to better care for hurting people. Workshop topics include re-framing, empathy, loneliness, self-worth, processing pain, boundaries, vulnerability and shame.  In each session, attendees gather in small groups providing opportunity for personal sharing and application of helping skills.

Taught by Carolyn Dixon, licensed clinical social worker with Abundant Life Counseling Services.  Carolyn worked 12 years at a psychiatric residential treatment center for children and adolescents.

Being a Witness

Jesus commissioned all believers to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8). Witnesses share what they have learned, seen and experienced. Christian witnesses testify to how the gospel and person of Jesus Christ transforms their lives now and forever! During this workshop, you will be motivated and equipped to be a more active, confident witness for Jesus.  Workshop topics include, being a witness in the natural rhythms of life, navigating awkwardness, bridging to spiritual conversations, the value of questions and reaching millennials and iGen's.

Taught by Keith Tooley, evangelism and missions pastor.  Keith earned degrees from Texas Tech and Dallas Theological Seminary.  Prior to serving in full-time ministry, Keith owned and managed community newspapers for 20 years.

Single Parent Life

Are you a single parent? Have you tried church and felt you didn't fit in? Many people do not understand the journey of a single parent, those days when you feel overwhelmed and success is keeping your head above water. Reassuringly, the teachers of this workshop do get it, both experiencing divorce, single parenting and the challenges of building a blended family. Topics include self-care, loneliness, parenting challenges and strategy, finances, resources, dating and planning for the future.

Taught by Tom and Stacey Jeannett, single parents prior to marriage in 2006. They have been involved in single parent ministry for 10 years.  Tom is an ordained pastor, serving with Thankful Heart Ministries.  Stacey earned a degree in counseling (Human Services), leads single parent small groups, facilitates premarital counseling for blended families.