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Building an emotionally and spiritually strong family is no small task! It comes with great joy and great challenge! The Bible says in Psalm 127, verse 1, “Unless the Lord builds the home, the builders labor in vain.” This is absolutely true! God’s blueprint for the home is best since He created family.

In this series, The Family You’ve Always Wanted, you will receive both motivation and practical equipping to build a marriage and family that most importantly honors God and consists of people who genuinely love each other. 
The following is a schedule of personalities and topics.

April 12

Dusty Brewer, one of our elders and our youth pastor along with his wife, Ashley will share their aspirations for family. The Brewers are parenting three young kids, and have begun some good habits. Yet the high school years are still to come, so they have a lot questions. This message will draw every family into the discussion of how to become “the family you’ve always wanted.”
April 19

Monty Watson, our lead pastor and his wife Kathy will share their parenting journey. They have two grown boys who are both married now. They will be sharing about their seasons of parenting, successes and failures and key biblical principles that helped them along the way.
April 26

Donnie Dixon, our family and discipleship pastor and his wife, Carolyn, a licensed family therapist, will share their marriage journey of nearly 32 years. They have raised four boys. The Dixons will remind us of the chief purposes of marriage and their ups and downs and lessons learned.

May 3

Donnie Dixon, our family and discipleship pastor, will focus on the topic of family emotional health.  Every family member as they experience life feels an array of emotions such as anger, frustration, hurt, fear, sadness, joy and more. The pathway to a healthy family hinges upon how members respond to one another at these opportune times.
May 10

On this Mother’s Day, there will be a panel discussion of seasoned authors and counselors addressing the most pressing marriage and parenting issues they see today.