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Over 300 churches across the city have joined together to initiate a powerful movement of neighboring, one that welcomes and connects all neighbors from all backgrounds. Last fall, we encouraged everyone to meet, get to know, and pray for their neighbors. Now, we are putting that practice into action by engaging our neighbors themselves in the conversation.
Starting in April, we are launching Neighborhood Gatherings. Neighborhood Gatherings are four-week get-togethers of neighbors with casual, friendly conversation about what it means to be a good neighbor.

1. Pray

​Pray for your neighbors (by name if possible) before you invite them. Consistently pray throughout the process - while walking to their house to welcome them, in the space you’ll meet, and before each gathering.

2. Invite

​Pick a date to start your Neighborhood Gathering, and begin inviting your neighbors this weekend. Make the invite specific to a night, time, and place, but also make it fun and simple. Let them know you’ll watch thoughtful videos from local Austin community leaders and figures as a group and spend time talking about them together.

3. Host

​Commit to host your Neighborhood Gathering for 4 Weeks by completing a Love Where You Live Card and dropping it in the box in the foyer. This is your gathering, composed of your neighbors. Your role is welcoming neighbors and creating a warm, friendly, and engaging atmosphere. While the curriculum is based on Christian principles, it does not discuss Christianity or the gospel. It is solely focused on the overall importance and impact of good neighboring.