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​James was the brother of Jesus. But he did not believe his brother was the Messiah until after the resurrection. From that moment on, James was convinced and was a leader of the church in Jerusalem.
James’ letter is more practical than theological. It was written to encourage scattered believers to persevere through hard times and to live pure, simple lives as they anticipated the return of Jesus. It was a letter urging them to “hang on.”
James’ wrote about real faith for real life. He described the Christian faith as a way life, as an authentic and life-changing reality, that went beyond mere words. James challenged his readers to live what they believed. To “be doers of the word, and not merely hearers.”
James’ challenge still stands. It is wonderful for us to declare our belief in Jesus and in the Gospel. But if our faith is real, truly authentic, it will show in how we live. Real faith for real life.
​June 11      James 1:22-25         Obedience READ WATCH
June 18      James 1:2-12           Trials READ WATCH
June 25      James 1:13-18         Temptation
July 2         James 1:19-21         Self-control
July 9         James 1:27-2:13      Favoritism
July 16       James 2:14-26         Faith & Works
July 23       James 3:1-12           Tongue
July 30       James 3:13-4:5        Character & Conflict
Aug. 6        James 4:6-10           Humility
Aug. 13      James 4:13-16         Lord’s Will
Aug. 20      James 5:1-12           Lord’s Coming
Aug. 27      James 5:13-20         Prayer

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