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Small Groups

Life Groups

Growth Groups


Life is better together.  God designed us for connection, not isolation.
In life groups, you can experience the benefits of biblical community; encouragement, comfort, acceptance, support, challenge and a sense of belonging.

Life Group members prioritize time to care and challenge one another:
  • sharing life experiences
  • discussing their walks with Jesus and commitments to grow
Members will study proven books and resources to be better equipped to live like Jesus.

Life Group options include men's only, women's only and couple's groups. They are organized according to age and stage of life.

Most groups meet weekly or bi-weekly for one to two hours.
God desires we make great commitments to personal growth to live like Jesus. Plus, He makes it clear in His Word we will never reach our growth potential alone.

In growth groups, proven, spiritually mature leaders will pour their lives into yours, equipping and challenging you to be fully devoted followers of Christ.

Growth group leaders will walk members through an intense, comprehensive, intentional disciple making process.

Areas of focus include:
  • discipleship
  • marriage and family
  • on mission
  • disciple making
  • leadership development

Growth group members must be wholeheartedly committed to this journey. Leaders will give group members personal assignments to better equip and challenge them to live out their faith.

Growth groups are men's only and women's only.

Groups meet weekly for one to two hours. The time span of groups is 18 months to 2 years.
God teaches pursuing wisdom is priceless.

At those times in life when we reach a crossroad or continue to lose the battle of a particular challenge, seeking the wisdom of others with greater experience and knowledge can be invaluable.

Mentors provide one-on-one, short term customized guidance.

Example topics include:
  • marriage
  • purity
  • parenting
  • ethical dilemmas
  • spiritual questions
  • finances
  • discerning God's will
  • conflict
  • priorities
  • emotions

Mentoring is available for all ages, both men and women.

Time spans vary according to need.