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Prayer is making a difference in Austin!

We have never seen churches, parachurch organizations, various community organizations and Christian businesses working so closely together to reach Greater Austin for Jesus Christ. There is a sense of unity in purpose with these churches and organizations, not competition, and this community is gradually changing. As we reach out to Austin, unbelievers will have more and more opportunities to hear the gospel and see God’s love in action. This is an exciting time in history for this beautiful place we call home. So our “unceasing prayers” for Austin are making a difference.

The Church at Canyon Creek is part of this God-sized vision to reach Austin for Jesus Christ. And it is happening! As the Church at Canyon Creek prays for Austin the first Thursday of each month, we are joining over 30 other churches in Austin this month who are also praying for God to change this city. If you have not done so, won’t you sign up to be part of this “Unceasing Prayer” for Austin initiative? Click here to view the prayer wall then contact Chris Brock and she will add you to prayer wall.