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What to Take

We are so excited about Kidz Kamp this year! We are trying something NEW.
Saturday will be a FAMILY DAY at camp. Your child will go to camp Thursday and Friday by themselves but on Saturday, the whole family can join them for a day of fun!
Transportation on Saturday will be on each family unless other arrangements have been made with Patty Evans.

Please be at The Church at Canyon Creek on Thursday and Friday at 8:00 am. We will be checking in campers in the main church foyer. Your kid will be assigned a group Thursday morning. We will be taken to camp by a Round Rock ISD school bus on Thursday and Friday.

They will put their lunch for the day in the groups cooler. Please make sure it is a non-perishable lunch as they will not be refrigerated.

Pack a disposable water bottle each day! We need to be drinking lots of water at camp. They will refill them at camp.

They will need to be wearing their swimsuit. Girls can have a modest tankini or one piece with shorts over it. Boys will need to have a shirt with their swim trunks.

You must apply sun screen on your child in the morning. We will reapply at lunch. If you have a special type of sunscreen your child needs to use, please send that bottle with them.

Sporty sandals are the best shoes to wear as they can be taken off and on easily and kids can run in them.

No Towels. We don't need to dry off. We want to be WET!!

The bus will have us back around 3:30 Thursday and Friday.

Visit this website http://kidzkamp.snappages.com/home.htm to see pictures of the activities your kids will be doing.