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6-week workshops beginning Sunday, March 31

March 31, April 7, 14, 21, 28 and May 5 , 2019

Spring 2019 Workshops 

Marriage Matters 101

Marriage matters tremendously.  It impacts our Christian witness, our children, personal happiness and more.  The good news is God who created marriage provided the blueprint for marriage.  In the Marriage Matters workshop, you will be equipped to better understand and meet one another's needs, communicate and resolve conflict and connect spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Dozens of couples over the years have shared that these teachings saved their marriage.

Led by Kerry Williamson, licensed professional marriage and family counselor, founder and director of Abundant Life Counseling Services.

Marriage Matters 201

In this workshop, you are led through exercises that draw you closer together and equip you moving forward. In Marriage Matters 201, original 101 biblical teachings are briefly reviewed. Then, greater attention is given to practicing the teachings during class time. Additional topics include sexual intimacy, and the two lethal darts affecting marital health. Before attending Marriage Matters 201, we request your knowledge of the teachings covered in Marriage Matters 101.

Led by Donnie and Carolyn Dixon, wed for 35 years. Donnie is the founding pastor and current Discipleship pastor of the Church at Canyon Creek. Carolyn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and therapist. She is certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Boundaries With Kids

From the best-selling authors of Boundaries, John Townsend and Henry Cloud developed a DVD resource equipping parents to apply these principles to parenting,  Topics include; gaining control when things feel out of control, setting limits and being loving at the same time, defining age appropriate boundaries and consequences, building character, respect and motivation in your children, equipping them to take responsibility for their own actions and attitudes and more.

Dr. Henry Cloud is an acclaimed leadership expert working with Fortune 500 companies, a psychologist and New York Times best-selling author.  Henry has two daughters with his wife, Tori.  Dr. John Townsend has authored 27 books and is the founder of the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling.  John has two sons with his wife, Barbi.  Workshop leaders are Brandon and Emily Blaut.

Aging Parents

Our nation is aging.  The number of Americans, 65 or older, will double by 2030.  God commands us to honor our parents and it is our privilege.  Yet, it can be quite challenging for both the caregivers and the aging parents.  Do what few do and start talking about it now!  Topics addressed include coping with dementia, having tough conversations, navigating guilt and forgiveness, experiencing loss, developing wills, trusts, end of life preparations, setting boundaries and prioritizing your health as the caregiver.

Led by William Boggess, MS, audiologist, and Deana Boggess, educator/author/public speaker.  Bill and Deana directed a special needs ministry for 14 years and are founders of Grace Without Margins, LLC.  Bill and Deana developed their curriculum based on personal experience and needs consistently expressed in church communities.

Beyond the Broken Heart

Has your heart been broken by the loss of a loved one and wonder sometimes how you can go on? Grief hurts. The journey of grief is difficult to understand and navigate. Am I supposed to feel or think this way? Is there hope? If you are experiencing grief or desire to help those who are, join others walking through this DVD resource. Chief author, Julie Yarbrough, shares her personal journey of losing her husband who pastored a church in Dallas. Session content takes you through a journey of grief from naming and yielding to grief to growing spiritually through grief.

Julie Yarbrough and Gregg Medlyn co-authored this DVD resource. Julie authored, Inside the Broken Heart. She has led grief support groups for many years. She also serves as president of Yarbrough Investments. Gregg is a pastoral counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Workshop leader is Barbara Andrews.

Balanced:  Gaining and Maintaining Financial Stability

Standing and feeling out of balance is an insecure and potentially harmful situation. Being out of balance financially leads to similar circumstances. So what does it mean to be financially balanced? In this 6-part study created by Andy Stanley, you will be challenged to examine what you really believe about finances and faith:  What does the Bible say about money?  Can you survive living without debt? Are you content with what you have? Are you giving God your best? As you explore the answers to these questions in the DVD resource, Balanced, you will receive practical instruction and tools for gaining and maintaining financial stability.

Andy Stanley is lead pastor of Northpoint Community Church, which 7 campuses reach an average of 185,000 people each week.  Andy has authored 20 books.  Workshop leaders are Rodney and Jackie Lyons.  Rodney is a software developer and Jackie serves as a corporate finance executive and international speaker in accounting and finance.

**Each participant will need to have a Balanced workbook, which can be purchased separately by clicking this  link HERE **

SHAPE:  Discovering Your Unique Design for Ministry

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10. God has designed each of us uniquely to serve. It is important to prioritize time to discover your unique design. By exploring our Spiritual Gifts, the things that move our Heart, our Abilities, Personality and life Experiences, we can find a place of service in which we can be most fruitful and fulfilled. In this class, each participant will complete his/her own personal SHAPE profile, and participate in a one on one interview to help them connect to church ministries that fit their SHAPE.

Led by Damon Andrews, executive pastor for TCACC. Damon has been leading SHAPE and guiding church members into service for 29 years.

Making Your Case for Christ

Do you feel strong in your capacity to defend biblical beliefs about Jesus even to a skeptic? If challenged to defend the reliability of the Bible, the claims of Christ and His resurrection, could you do so with confidence? If you want to strengthen both your beliefs and desire to share your faith, attend this Equip workshop. This DVD resource is based on the book and motion picture, The Case for Christ, which features the life of Lee Strobel, a former atheist and award winning legal editor for the Chicago Tribune.  

Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg co-authored this equipping resource. Learn more of Lee’s conversion to Christ on his website, leestrobel.com. Mark Mittelberg is a best selling author and international speaker. One of his books is The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask.  Workshop leader is Brandon Clay.

Does Prayer Make a Difference?

Do you ever wonder how prayer really works? Our prayer lives can be mysterious, challenging and perplexing but on the other hand, deeply personal, life changing and rewarding. In this DVD resource, award-winning author, Philip Yancey addresses questions such as; Is God listening? Why should God care about me? If God knows everything, what is the point of prayer? Why do answers to prayer seem so inconsistent? Why does God sometimes seem so close and sometimes so far away?

Philip Yancey served as Editor and then Publisher for Campus Life magazine. He has written over 30 books. Yancey shares, “I’m a pilgrim, still in recovery from a bad church upbringing, searching for a faith that makes its followers larger and not smaller." His wife is a social worker and hospice chaplain.